On The ITVFest Red Carpet Interviews & Festival Update

Last night my pick of the best TV Pilot (Twenty Six Miles) aired at the ITVFest… starring Eric Lange, John Schneider, Jessica Tuck,  Daniel Quinn, Tessie Santiago Aris Avril, John Billingsley, Jordan Garret, Spencer Locke, Hannah Dworkin, Diamond Dallas Page and “American Idol” alumnus Kimberly Caldwell. There are also cameos by James Denton, whom we also interviewed last night, George Segal, Jeffrey Tambor,  NASCAR champion Carl Edwards and recording stars Los Lonely Boys.

Here’s my one-on-one interview with Eric Lange about the pilot “Twenty Six Miles” (oh, and speaking as someone who watched the first episode screener and all six to be honest) if ABC or some other network does not pick this series up…. I am going to boycott Network TV for good!) (FYI, the rest of the interviews are conducted by Kristyn Burtt, I just got to cover this one…)

Watch interviews from the Gala Opening of the 2010 Independent Television Festival on the Red Carpet with Kristyn Burtt and Mingle Media TV: Making TV Social

Video Interviews with: Illeana Douglas, Jamie Kennedy, Eric Lange, Angela Rawna, Deal O’Neal, Christian Cisneros, Cooper Harris, Emmett Furey, Hot on the Red Carpet, Fall of Kaden, James Denton, OPEN, Rachel Reenstra, Rick Peters, SOLO the Series, Squatters, Scott Thompson, Stephanie Thorne, Taryn O’Neill, Suck and Moan, Ballad of Mary and Ernie, Tom Malloy, Urban Wolf, Wilson Cleveland, Twenty Six Miles

There’s still time to catch some great shows at the ITVFest. You can also go to panels each day from Polishing Your Pitch to Getting Sponsors for your Show. (click here for schedule) Oh yeah… almost forgot, you can also watch some of the panels on our favorite LIVE streaming partner Stickam! So if you’re not in Los Angeles, have no fear…

ITVFest Schedule
ITV Fest Schedule at a Glance

Get tickets today for the ITVFest Hollywood -> Watch something new and support the Independent Creative Talent out there!!

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