Misadventures In Matchmaking Red Carpet Interview at the Stay Tuned TV 2010 Awards Show

Mingle Media TV Red Carpet Report from the 2010 StayTunedTV Awards Banquet Hosted by Frank Zanca and Timothy Ryder. MMTVN's correspondent, Kristyn Burtt, from the popular series "The Web Files" interviewed the nominees on the red carpet before the awards banquet. The evening was MC'd by actor Todd Bridges while honoring web series creators, actors, and production teams from ATF: Asian Task Force, Dead End City, The Actor Diaries, Mad Maxine, Invention, Murder Squad, Misadventures in Matchmaking, Saving Rent, Shadow Raven, 20 Seconds from Oblivion, Star Wars: Pink 5, Greatest American Hero, Star Wars: Fate of the Duel, Grayson, World's Finest, Just the 3 of Us, Harry Truman: Samurai Detective, The Interrogation, The Interview, Christmas Card Just for You, 5:00, Discovering Jacob, A Hero's Welcome, Indie Entertainment TV, Green T, Legacy, Peace, Frontier Guard, Venus Spa, Big Bother. Find out more about Stay Tuned TV at ;www.staytunedtv.net

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