Liar, Liar! Here’s How to Catch a Celebrity in a Lie! Welcome to The Room LIVE!

Celebrity Liar: June 8 2010 with host Andrew Hill Newman Guests: Paul McCrane (ER & Fame!) vs Curt Smith (Tears for Fears)

Celebrity Liar: June 8 2010 with host Andrew Hill Newman Guests: Paul McCrane (ER & Fame!) vs Curt Smith (Tears for Fears)

Nothing more exciting than to go to a LIVE taping of someone else’s webshow…

I was invited to come to “The Room Live” studio located in a building transformed into industrial lofts off of Hollywood Boulevard. Very informal and lots of energy flowed in prep of the show going live… yes, just like on Mingle Media TV, here are some traditional Hollywood pro’s crossing the line and going for LIVE as they stream weekly on UStream and their website.

Here’s the premise of this 30 minute fast-paced webshow…

Prior to the start of the show the celebrities get together to confer on some interesting stories to tell… then they put the topics into a bowl that the host selects from for the celebs to then “spin a tale or tell the truth” on.

When the topic is selected the two celebrities tell the same story as if it happened to them. The LIVE web audience then gets to choose which star they believe is lying. If the audience correctly chooses the liar, the star who was telling the truth gets a point. If the audience votes the other way, the liar gets two points. Viewers can participate live via the chat room and vote for who they think is lying and also ask questions to for clarification of the “story told”.

The show is hosted by Andrew Hill Newman, who’s a well-known and talented actor, writer, and producer and in my opinion is quick-witted and fun to engage with. Its apparent how much he enjoys what he’s doing as he not only gets the most out of his guests as they tell their stories but he remembers the LIVE audience watching and brings them in as well… and not like TV – this audience has a voice and he’s listening… so are the celebrity guests!

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