Mingle Media TV & Web TV Workshop Team Up with Pro-Panel Series – LIVE

As we push to create more conversations with engaging content on Mingle Media TV, we also appreciate and support the creators of web TV – webisodes and web series that are starting to bloom from the most creative minds who are no longer restricted by studio heads who only want the content to fit in a square box.

I know putting a press release into a blog post is lazy – but hey, it’s now 9 PM PST and I’m beat from a long day of work and play. Yes, that’s what it’s like when you love what you’re doing!! Without further ado – here’s the latest news:

Web TV Workshop

Mingle Media TV Network and Web TV Workshop Team Up to Produce “WTVW’s Pro-Panel” as a Live Streaming Web TV Interview Series

MMTVN will be producing WTVW’s Pro-Panel Interviews with Top Working Web TV Industry Professionals with an Inside View to this Growing Industry

Online media and live web TV network company, Mingle Media.TV today announced they will be producing the WebTV Workshop’s Pro Panel Interview Series live streaming on their network, simulcasting on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms and for on-demand replay through several distribution points.

The WebTV Workshop’s Pro-Panel will feature interviews with top working industry Web TV professionals, giving the audience an inside scoop on how they have succeeded in the medium. Mingle Media TV will producing and airing WTVW’s free live streaming Pro- Panel’s on their network. The Pro-Panel series is designed to give an insider’s look into the growing Web TV industry as well as create a live engagement where panelists will be answering questions their audience is asking during the live show broadcast. The audience can also chat to the Pro Panel via Twitter by following and tweeting questions to @webtvworkshop.

WTVW’s list of speakers includes:

-Steven J. Wolfe  – CEO of Sneak Preview Entertainment (500 Days of Summer), PGA

-Bernie Su – Streamy Award Winner Best Writer – Compulsions.tv

-Mark Gantt – Streamy Award Winner, Best Actor, Best Dramatic Web Series – The Bannen Way

-Liz Shannon Miller – Editor for NewTeeVee.com

-Dana Block – New Media Publicist

-Stephanie Piche – CEO of MingleMediaTV.com

-Dave O’Brian – New Media Producer/Writer/Director

-Amanda Coolong – Tech Zulu Journalist/Start-up Publicity and Marketing

“We are so excited to be showcasing our Pro-Panel’s via Mingle Media TV,” said Diahnna Nicole Baxter, co-founder of WTVW. “It gives us the opportunity to expand our classroom and give back to the community by offering interaction with our wonderful guest speakers.”

Mingle Media TV currently produces 30 hours of live web TV interactive programming each week. MMTVN’s expert content providers creates a social Web TV experience where the show hosts and audience engage in a real-time conversations on topics they are interested in.

“When the WebTV Workshop team contacted us with their idea to broadcast their Pro Panel as a weekly web TV show, we jumped at the opportunity to host it,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “We’re focused on finding the best content for live conversations and as a marketing driven company, we wanted to be able to support WTVW as they help nurture and educate the next wave of Web TV industry professionals.

Watch the WebTV Workshop Pro-Panels live on their Mingle Media TV channel http://www.minglemediatv.com/WebTVWorkshop.html, and chat live with the Pro-Panel and the other members in the audience via text and video chat as well as on Twitter athttp://www.twitter.com/WebTVWorkshop.

About WTVW: WebTV Workshop is the first professional school in Hollywood geared towards producing web series and new media content.  Co-founded by Diahnna Nicole Baxter  and Damian Pellicionne, award-winning pioneers in the web TV creative’s space, WTVW is focused on empowering each student with the knowledge and tools needed to create an impactful presence on the web by producing and managing their own content. Diahnna Nicole Baxter co-created; co- wrote and starred in the first series to ever win an Emmy Award for the web, SATACRACY 88. Baxter has since been nominated for her work on other projects and continues to be a leader in making revolutionary content on a shoestring budget. Her partner, and co-founder, Damian Pellicionne is the head of Stella Entertainment and has starred, produced and cast over fifteen successful Internet productions.  WTVW offers the best-in-class resources for the web TV industry with their four-week course held in Hollywood. For more information please visit: http://www.webtvworkshop.com