We Interview Honolulu Film Festival Silver Lei Award 2010 Winners: Diamond Confidential

Okay, so I never claimed to be the best interview and film correspondent, (and why MMTVN has professionals) but I was so stoked to interview Graeme Finlayson and Gary Klavans at the Streamy Awards on April 11th. Gary and Graeme were on their way to receive the Silver Lei Award at the 2010 Honolulu Film Festival – and I wanted to go with them!

Even though Graeme and Gary were not nominated for a Streamy, they were so very sweet and gracious to give us some time to find out about their new film “Diamond Confidential” which is done in a film-noir style.

If you like a good mystery the the intrigue and high stakes of “Diamond Confidential” are for you! (and me!)

Here’s a trailer for Diamond Confidential – tell your friends and look for this film: