Are you curious? What is “Marketing to Moms”? Jessica Gottlieb takes on this Hot Topic

When we started talking to Mom Blogger, Jessica Gottlieb, about doing a live weekly web TV show, we were struck by her passion as a mom blogger and social media enthusiast.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Jessica before, you’ve missed out. She’s on the Forbes 14 list of women to follow on Twitter, she’s a panelist on the web series: Momversation, she’s been on ABC, CNN and Dr. Phil several times. Jessica is also a public speaker and will be speaking in New York next week at the #140 Conference. It doesn’t stop there, she is also internationally well-known as last week she was written up on an Italian Mom Blog site about her upcoming show.

What does that tell you? She’s hit a nerve as the monetizing the mom blogger market grows and so many mom bloggers are being approached by brands with social marketing campaigns that go from great to what were they thinking?

Each week, Jessica will talk about moms and brand marketing. You’re invited to join in the conversation as her show airs live streaming with an open chat room at 1 PM EST on Wednesdays. Jessica’s show is also streaming LIVE on your smart phone with chat and is recorded live for replay after her show has ended in case you missed it.

You can find out more about Jessica at her blog or visit her show page on Mingle Media TV.

The Streamy Awards 2010: Red Carpet Report – LIVE WEB TV

It’s so sad to see the criticism of the Streamy Awards that were held last night by some folks who were not there. As a producer of over 30 live web TV shows every week, I have to say, as much as I’ve done it (11 months) nothing ever works right 100% of the time – which is why Hollywood HATES Live TV.

With that said, there is much to be said about elevating the content of the show so we don’t have to apologize for what we are doing – hey most of us do it for free – or little money. We do it because we are passionate, we do it to entertain and some day, we will have money in our pockets for doing it. It’s gonna come. But if we keep pointing to the the lack of recognition and funding, people will think we’re “not worthy” which is not true.

As Mingle Media TV covered the red carpet and was in the the press room, where we had no audio for the majority of the show, I can’t speak for the content of what was happening on stage. We couldn’t tell from our vantage point if anything was going wrong. I figured I’d catch it on the replay.

Don’t let what happened on stage change the view of what is happening here. Web TV is here to stay. I heard a news broadcaster say yesterday that there was going to be an awards show for “New TV” later that day, I chuckled, really? OK? If you look past the #streamysfail tweets, and spend that time on viewing the content (found here: winners) then you will know what you’ve really been missing.

I will tell you that the red carpet action was simply wonderful, we met and spoke with many of the talented cast and producers who were nominated.
We have over 350 photos from the red carpet posted on our home page. We’ll have the interviews coming shortly and will let you know when they are ready to watch.

As someone who lives every day with tech issues from show to show (we produce 30 live web hour long shows each week) we do everything we can to stay positive, even when our “for women” programming is interrupted with graphic content or when you think you’re off mic and you’re not. I realize that it’s one thing to be on-set, in a controlled environment and then go to a production where it is live and streaming live on the Internet and then tech issues mount. But you can either pull your hair out or move on… let’s move on.

Hey, its life. I’m sorry to hear that there were so many mis-steps felt by folks who were nominated or didn’t get tickets or didn’t get to go on the red carpet. The greater good of the whole process is what we need to keep in mind and push past it and support the community. As for the content – well, I can’t comment and will leave it up to the others in the community to speak their peace.