WTF…with Charles J Orlando: The Problem with Women (is Men)

Mingle Media TV, is pleased to announce that beginning March 10, 2010 they will be broadcasting a new, live web show entitled ‘WTF with Charles J. Orlando,’ successful author of “The Problem with Women…is Men,” and relationship coach. ‘WTF… with Charles J Orlando’ will air LIVE on Wednesday evenings at 11 PM EST on the social TV network, simulcasting on iPhone, Android and other smart phones and will be archived for replay on-demand.

Charles J. Orlando is an author, writer and relationship coach in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an active member of American Mensa. He’s also been published in a variety of publications like Self Magazine and Men’s Health, both online and offline as well as appearing on numerous television talkshows and radio shows. Charles’ past experience combined with over 1,600 interviews with men and women—has brought his book, “The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness” to life, taking readers on a humorous, blunt, tell-all romp through the world of men and their issues. With his new web show, Charles hopes to assist women in regaining their sanity, and empower men in evolving beyond their primal instincts.

“We’re so excited to have Charles on MMTVN as we cater to an audience of women who chat daily online about challenges with their relationships with men,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “We look for intelligent, interesting and entertaining show hosts and when we first met Charles, became a fan of his work and believe that he will help enlighten our audience in a positive way.”

‘WTF… with Charles J Orlando’ will air LIVE on Wednesday evenings at 11 PM EST – 8 PM PST Viewers are invited to join the chat live with Orlando and other members in the audience via text and video chat. To find out more about Charles J. Orlando, his book and blog please visit

Wednesday’s Join the Fellowship of Step in Faith with The MMTVN Show “More Than Conquerors”

If you’re looking for a chat show to pick up your spirits and help you through the week, “More Than Conquerors” at 2 PM ET on MMTVN is the place you want to be. Join Kathleen, the Ladies Fellowship leader on the weekly chat as she shares her faith in God and brings a virtual fellowship of kindred souls together to share in His Glory.

The Step in Faith Ministries goal is to spread the Word of God, not as we apply it in our ideal perception, but in the truth that God gave it. Our ministry is one led and operated by real people living real lives holding on with real faith… people willing to not only encourage with words, but inspire with actions… StepInFaith Ministry is not about condemnation or judgment – we are about LOVE and COMPASSION. No matter where you are or where you’ve been, God has loved you since you were formed in the womb… join in fellowship with us – we would LOVE to have you!

About Kathleen – your host and Ladies Fellowship leader:

Kathleen was born and raised in Mississippi by a very spirit-filled single mother who was active in church and served the Lord as an international missionary. Grounded in her faith at a very young age, Satan tried to derail her spiritual success by placing several stumbling blocks in her path to test her faith and trust… Many struggles, mistakes, and heartaches down the road, at the age of 21, Kathleen and her husband were led to a wonderful church home. Slightly over a year after the couple’s acceptance of Christ through an August 2004 baptism into the fellowship of the Mount Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, Kathleen founded StepInFaith Ministry to share God’s Word and to present a proper understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith. Since the start of StepInFaith, the ministry has been blessed to include a diverse group of members, all ranging in spiritual growth and all on fire for the King of Kings!

In addition to her spiritual endeavors, Kathleen has established a web and graphic design business, works full time in accounting, and is working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Religious Studies after having already earned an accounting degree. Her passions are her relationship with God, the Christian Ministry He has called her to, singing, poetry, and her family. Kathleen and her husband, Barry, have four daughters and a son.

Miss Motormouth, First LIVE Social TV Webchat Show About the Auto Industry to Air On Mingle Media TV

Mingle Media TV, is pleased to announce that beginning March 9, 2010 they will be broadcasting a new, live webshow entitled Miss Motormouth, based on the  popular blog penned by Michelle Naranjo covering the auto industry from trends to races. Miss Motormouth will air LIVE on Tuesday evenings at 9 PM EST on the social TV network, simulcasting on iPhone, Android and other smart phones and will be archived for replay on-demand.

For years, Michelle Naranjo, mom of a teenaged daughter, has been immersed in the auto industry as a lover of cars, races and how they impact our culture and pens the popular blog, Miss Motormouth. Her passion for cars and not just the fast ones makes her an engaging story teller as she shares insights from designers, engineers, dealers, professional drivers, mechanics, owners, buyers, sellers, and environmentalists and how they play a part in this male dominated industry’s trends, successes and failures. She’ll even be talking about the basics from picking parts to car maintenance to negiotiating purchases making it a “female friendly” show and breaking down the barriers for women to see beyond the dealer and into the heart of the vehicle.

“We were fortunate to have been introduced to Michelle by a well-known mom blogger who thought she would bring valuable and interesting content to our lineup,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “Our viewers are looking for authentic, interactive, and intelligent content to engage in, with Miss Motormouth, we will be able to bring women into the conversation in an insightful way and empower them with the knowledge of an industry that has not included their voice in the past.”

Watch Miss Motormouth live every Tuesday @ 9:00 PM EST – 6:00 PM PST @ to view the show and chat live with Naranjo and other members in the audience via text and video chat. To find out more about the Miss Motormouth blog, please visit

About Mingle Media
The Mingle Media TV Network is designed to create interactive, “Live” video streaming conversations (Social TV web shows) where the audience and show hosts can engage in a real-time exchange on topics they are interested in, and  wrapped around a sponsor message / campaign. MMTVN is a marketing-driven company that makes their offering unique by creating campaigns for true brand engagements with an authentic voice wrapping brand messages into programming that is broadcast live each week then distributed via widgets, iTunes, posted on bloggers sites and portals, as well as other social networking sites. Mingle Media has a sphere of influence that reaches a target audience off and online through blogs, websites, Twitter, social networks, radio and TV, businesses, mobile, events and is magnified by word-of-mouth and other channels. For more information, please visit

MomSpace TV Debuts LIVE on the Mingle Media TV Network

MomSpace TV, the latest offshoot of MomSpace Magazine Philadelphia and will be part of the MingleMedia TV live programming lineup for women and moms. Hosted by Joey Fortman of MyPhil 17’s Better Philly morning show, MomSpace TV will cater to everything MOM! The weekly show will air Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (EST) online at the MingleMedia TV website:

Each week, Joey Fortman, who’s been sitting in the radio and TV host seat for fifteen years, will interview guests such as parenting experts, toy & product pros, celebrities and home & lifestyle experts. Featured will be current hot topics; new product & cool gadget spotlights; MomSpace Book Club discussions; cooking, health and lifestyle tips; girlfriend getaway & family travel ideas; and games with prizes. Segments will also feature the know-how, opinions and shared passions of the MomSpace Mom Bloggers from, whose interests and expertise include a multitude of themes including health and fitness, being “green”, parenting, crafting, babies, fashion, cooking, humor and more.

To celebrate the kick-off of the new show, MomSpace will run a four week on air trivia contest with weekly prize giveaways. The contest will culminate in a grand prize overnight stay at Omni Hotel at Independence Park in Philadelphia and include their Girlfriends Getaway Retail Therapy Package.  The grand prize drawing will be broadcast on MomSpace TV live and ‘in bed at the Omni’ with Joey enjoying Omni’s ‘champagne turndown’ service.

“We are thrilled to have Joey and MomSpace TV joining us on MMTVN. Our mom viewers are looking for interactive, genuine, intelligent and sometimes humorous entertainment,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “Joey is smart, funny and a hit as an experienced “on air” talent in Philadelphia, so we know she’ll be a hit with viewers across the country.”

About MomSpace
MomSpace is a place where moms can collectively share their ideas, questions and knowledge with other moms, locally and nationally., an online resource and social networking site, was created in 2006 by two moms who shared a vision; to fulfill a need for moms like them to connect, relate and help each other out with all the unknowns moms encounter every day. With the addition and wealth of MomSpace Mom Blogs, itʼs become the place to not only get answers, but to learn, share, laugh and unwind. Naturally progressing from the website, in January 2009 MomSpace Philadelphia Magazine was born and has been very well received by moms throughout the greater Philadelphia community. Until the day moms have all the answers and understand from the get-go all the ways their lives will change and kids start coming attached to an ownerʼs manual at birth… MomSpace will be there!