Check out “A Moment of Wellness” New Video Series with Wellness Experts Launches

We were delighted to be invited to check out a new site called “be Network” at which features a series of videos entitled “A Moment of Wellness” covering a variety of wellness subjects from a host of experts gathered together in one place.

A lover of all things Yoga – that was one of the first videos I watched, which focused on back pain. It was as advertised – a moment, but gave me some simple tips that I could use immediately – could remember especially important!

Be sure to visit the site and find your favorite wellness moment – they are producing 2 per week, so bookmark them when you get there.

More about the site:

The 90-second A Moment of Wellness segments, starring the network’s growing roster of wellness experts, offer a variety of simple, relatable tips for integrating positive lifestyle changes into everyday life. Presently, the website features four segments with plans to roll out two additional videos per week. Other live segments include cardiologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Alejandro Junger’s “Serotonin and a Healthy Gut,” the first of his insights regarding open minded medicine, addressing how to keep serotonin levels strong and bodies in balance; popular yoga instructor and breakout author Maya Fiennes’ “Simple Yoga for Back Pain” demonstrating simple poses to alleviate every day back pain; and bestselling author Dr. Timothy Brantley’s first nutritional healing segment “Salt is not Just Salt” revealing important issues with refined table salt.

Upcoming releases of A Moment of Wellness will feature more from the network’s experts including world renowned founder of Anusara yoga John Friend demonstrating simple poses that can relieve insomnia, stress and other common aliments; and Sophie Keller, life coach and TV personality, providing advice on finding the ideal mate, coping with financial stress and other relationship issues.

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