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This giveaway is now closed – if you entered – please check your email from as we sent an email to all of you who the winners were…. ALL OF YOU~ Yay! Happy Sunday!!!! 2/21/2010

Thanks to everyone who attended the debut of the new show BabytoBe.TV today on MMTVN. Linda her “Baby to Be TV” site in December as a place to share unbiased video reviews of what’s hot and maybe not so hot. During her show today, she gave away four items but we didn’t get to the other items that MMTVN threw in so – we’re going to give them away here.

Just leave your comment on which item you’d like to win and tweet out that you watch #MMTVN and we’ll pick 3 winners by the 20th.

The swag we’re giving away is the same items that you see celebrity Moms getting  a Booby Trapper, baby-friendly nursing canopy, an OrganicKidz BPA free stainless steel bottle and a set of Squeez-ease baby gloves.

OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle – BPA Free

4oz Durable Single Hulled Raspberry Stainless Steel Baby Bottle. The unique bottle design allows for easy heating and cooling of liquids. The lid is a 2oz, durable stainless steel design providing a built in measuring cup. BPA , PVC and Phthalate free. Compatible with most narrow necked nipples.

Winner of a Disney iParenting Media and a Mom’s Best award!

*Brown/Cream colored:

Booby Trapper’s patent-pending design makes it the ONLY truly functional, baby-friendly nursing canopy

Squeez-ease camo colored Our products are made of a blend of bamboo fiber and organic cotton

5 thoughts on “Giveaways this week on Mingle Media TV

  1. I would LOVE to try out the stainless steel bottle. Like the other post I too am always carrying around drinks for my kids and very stainless steal bottle we have tried the kids have a hard time getting the drink out!! Thanks for this give away!

  2. Our neighbor has a little baby girl. Any of the prizes would be great to gift them with. They are into the natural things like me!

    I personally love the bottle but then I have three boys and don’t think my dh would like them toting around a pinkish bottle 🙂

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