Day 1 – 2 Shows Down… 3rd To Go

Just like any production – stage, tv, theatre – you get opening night jitters. We were all giddy this morning waiting in anticipation of the official first tweets about our new show line up and the first show, Talking with Tami.

Tami just did her thing, like she’s been doing for the past 5 years as a TV show host, correspondent and lifecaster. She was too funny chatting live with a group that by the end totaled 429 viewers during her hour long video chat streaming show. Hollywood does not like LIVE TV but we thrive on it here at Mingle Media TV. Making the real-time connections with the conversations you want to contribute to make it all worthwhile.

After our second show, Girly Gazette aired with one of the two show hosts (the second was supposed to stream remotely but got lost and was MIA) and had a crowd of over 200 well wishers as the chat revolved around several topics including how to protect yourself and content.

Tonight will be a big show too – as the Mamavation Monday show comes to life on our fledgling network. We still have those butterflies but in a good way as the payoff for loyalty of the thousands of women that have supported our launch are making apparent… we have arrived and seeing the reaction to our site is that much more sweeter as we share it with those we support in return.

Thank you everyone, we are humbled and look forward to keeping and growing our connections through out the coming weeks, months and years – without disruption.

~ Stephanie and the Mingle Media TV Team